404 error- Page not Found!!!

The internet now has become a powerful tool. We can find any information that we need, and there are many ways to find it out. The information can be found out through the search engine or with the help of search box as most of the website has this feature.
What happens when we search for specific information on the site and it is missing??? We get 404 Error!!!

What is 404 Error?

Technically 404 Error is the error displayed when we try find the missing page on the site. The 404 error also occurs when you click on the link of the site and the link is broken (having no URL address where page can navigate).

So Whats The Solution?

404 Error on the site will lead the user to visit some other site. At this time, using 404 error file you can make the user to stay on your site and provide them some other alternatives option if it is designed smartly.

You can design the 404 error file by adding some picture, or links to guide the users what they can do next. This can eventually make the user to find the information at some other place in the site.

How to set Error page?

For the WordPress site, you can design the 404 error page. Goto Theme root folder, here you can see 404.php file, open this 404.php file in your favorite text editor. Here you can write/edit code in the way, you would like to display the 404 error page.


This is how with your little bit of creativity you can make your website visitors to stay on site and even suggest them to find that information in the alternate way in your site!!! 🙂