Screen is a small linux utility which can help you run long-running jobs in remote shell without worrying about loosing network connection.

Once a process is started inside screen session, if your network connection breaks or you choose to close terminal (without exit), you can resume into that screen session anytime from anywhere.

Install screen

apt-get install screen

Screen Commands

Create a screen

You can specify a name

screen -S name

Or even create screen without name


Detach a screen

Never use “exit” inside screen. It will end “screen” session.

You keyboard shortcut CTRL+A+D

List Screens


screen -ls

You will see

There are screens on:   (10/19/13 12:43:39) (Detached)
    7127.pts-0.test3    (10/19/13 12:42:25) (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-root.

pts-0.test3 is name of screen which was created without specifying screen name explicitly.

Reattatch a screen

Run following to reattach a detached screen

screen -r name

Of specify -d flag to force detach on a screen attached elsewhere

screen -d -r name

As you can create screens with same name, in case you have screen with same, you need to specify pid like below:

screen -r 7142

Create a new screen within a screen

I never needed this myself, but its possible to create CTRL+A+C

You can also create a new screen using normal screen -S name command.