EasyEngine Community

EasyEngine (ee) is a free and open-source product.
Like any popular FOSS product, the community around it is very important.

Support Forum

Community Support forum for EasyEngine users. Get help from our team or other community members.


The EasyEngine project is on Github and has been starred by over 700 users.


Keep track of what the EasyEngine team is doing and planning via our Newsletters.

#Slack Channel

Discuss about some of the latest updates
and EasyEngine's roadmap and ideas with
other community members.

(Please note EasyEngine team does not give support over Slack)

EasyExperts Program

Hire an expert who makes EasyEngine easy for busy folks who don’t have time to manage their own server!

If you are a power users of EasyEngine, you can apply to be listed as an EasyExpert.