apt-get install httperf

Ubuntu builtin package results in following warning:

httperf: warning: open file limit > FD_SETSIZE; limiting max. # of open files to FD_SETSIZE

We patched httpref source code on our end to fix that warning. Run following commands to install httperf:

cd httperf-master
autoreconf -i
mkdir build
cd build
make install

Verify Build

Run following command:

httperf -v | grep open

It will show something like:

httperf: maximum number of open descriptors = 500000

Where 500000 is open file limit. It should be high enough. You can increase if by following this guide.


httperf --server --port 80 --num-conns 1000 --rate 1000

You can add --hog parameter as well. This will try to use as many TCP connection as possible from host machine.


Below is sample output

httperf --client=0/1 --port=80 --uri=/ --rate=1000 --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384 --num-conns=1000 --num-calls=1
Maximum connect burst length: 3

Total: connections 1000 requests 1000 replies 1000 test-duration 1.337 s

Connection rate: 747.9 conn/s (1.3 ms/conn, <=203 concurrent connections)
Connection time [ms]: min 5.9 avg 115.8 max 438.5 median 97.5 stddev 81.3
Connection time [ms]: connect 0.8
Connection length [replies/conn]: 1.000

Request rate: 747.9 req/s (1.3 ms/req)
Request size [B]: 68.0

Reply rate [replies/s]: min 0.0 avg 0.0 max 0.0 stddev 0.0 (0 samples)
Reply time [ms]: response 105.0 transfer 10.1
Reply size [B]: header 498.0 content 107982.0 footer 2.0 (total 108482.0)
Reply status: 1xx=0 2xx=1000 3xx=0 4xx=0 5xx=0

CPU time [s]: user 0.05 system 1.26 (user 3.9% system 94.2% total 98.1%)
Net I/O: 79282.9 KB/s (649.5*10^6 bps)

Errors: total 0 client-timo 0 socket-timo 0 connrefused 0 connreset 0
Errors: fd-unavail 0 addrunavail 0 ftab-full 0 other 0


Most important is “Reply status” line:

Reply status: 1xx=0 2xx=1000 3xx=0 4xx=0 5xx=0

As you can see we received 2xx i.e. OK status for all requests.