tuning-primer.sh – an alternative for mysqltuner

We are recently using tuning-primer.sh and finding it is better than mysqltuner.


cd /usr/local/bin
wget https://launchpadlibrarian.net/78745738/tuning-primer.sh
chmod u+x tuning-primer.sh

mysqltuner looks like giving wrong suggestions sometimes. Also its not mysql 5.6 ready something which we are using everywhere.



For example, mysqltuner on mysql 5.6 ask us to change value of table_cache variable. It is renamed to table_open_cache. So following mysqltuner suggestion blindly can be risky sometimes.

Though, both are good tools. Use both!

7 responses to “tuning-primer.sh – an alternative for mysqltuner”

  1. Brother Rahul I have done the following commands that you mentioned about in my server but I am not getting any result output so can you tell me how to use this one ?

    Thank You,