ee site share

Share a site online using ngrok.


: Name of website.

: Take online link down.

: Refresh site share if link has expired.

: ngrok token.


# Share a site online
$ ee site share

# Refresh shareed link if expired
$ ee site share --refresh

# Disable online link
$ ee site share --disable


Argument Description
--sites_path=<path> Absolute path to where all sites will be stored.
--locale=<locale> Locale for WordPress.
--le-mail=<le-mail> Mail-id to be used for letsencrypt.
--wp-mail=<wp-mail> Default Mail-id to be used for WordPress site installation.
--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.
--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors; add verbosity to EE bootstrap.
--quiet Suppress informational messages.


ee site clean

Clears Object and Page cache for site.

ee site createRuns site installation with provided site type.
ee site delete

Deletes a website.

ee site disable

Disables a website. It will stop and remove the docker containers of the website if they are running.

ee site enable

Enables a website. It will start the docker containers of the website if they are stopped.

ee site info

Display all the relevant site information, credentials and useful links.

ee site list

Lists the created websites.

ee site publish

Publishes site online using ngrok.

ee site reload

Reload services in containers without restarting container(s) associated with site.

ee site restart

Restarts containers associated with site.

ee site ssl

Verifies ssl challenge and also renews certificates(if expired).

ee site ssl-renew

Renews letsencrypt ssl certificates.

ee site update

Supports updating and upgrading site.