ee cron update

Updates a cron job.


: ID of cron to update.

: Command to schedule.

: Command to schedule.

: Time to schedule. Format is same as Linux cron.

: User to execute command as.

We also have helper to easily specify scheduling format:

Entry Description Equivalent To
@yearly (or @annually) Run once a year, midnight, Jan. 1st 0 0 1 1 *
@monthly Run once a month, midnight, first of month 0 0 1
@weekly Run once a week, midnight between Sat/Sun 0 0 0
@daily (or @midnight) Run once a day, midnight 0 0 *
@hourly Run once an hour, beginning of hour 0

You may also schedule a job to execute at fixed intervals, starting at the time it's added or cron is run. This is supported by following format:

  • @every <duration>

Where duration can be combination of:
<number>h - hour
<number>m - minute
<number>s - second

So 1h10m2s is also a valid duration


# Updates site to run cron on
$ ee cron update 1 --site=''

# Updates command of cron
$ ee cron update 1 --command='wp cron event run --due-now'

# Updates command and user of cron
$ ee cron update 1 --command='wp cron event run --due-now' --user=root

# Updates schedule of cron
$ ee cron update 1 --schedule='@every 1m'


Argument Description
--sites_path=<path> Absolute path to where all sites will be stored.
--locale=<locale> Locale for WordPress.
--le-mail=<le-mail> Mail-id to be used for letsencrypt.
--wp-mail=<wp-mail> Default Mail-id to be used for WordPress site installation.
--sysctl=<true/false> Whether to add sysctl config in docker-compose.
--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.
--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors; add verbosity to EE bootstrap.
--quiet Suppress informational messages.


ee cron create

Adds a cron job to run a command at specific interval etc.

ee cron delete

Deletes a cron job

ee cron list

Lists scheduled cron jobs.

ee cron run-now

Runs a cron job