Why Nginx?

Below are some key points which should help you make your decision:

  1. Smart Architecture:

    Nginx and Apache are the most used open source web servers. However for larger web setups, Nginx outperforms Apache. Nginx hosting uses an Asynchronous approach which is event-driven for handling requests. This provides predictable performance under load, as against the Apache HTTP server which makes use of a threaded or process oriented approach for the same.

  2. Opensource:

    Nginx is second most used open source web server. The compatibility with most modern OS including Windows and Linux makes it an optimal choice.

  3. Smaller Size, Better Performance:

    Though Nginx is smaller in size, it multiplies the performance remarkably by reducing the RAM and CPU usage for real time applications.

  4. Scalability:

    The features like load balancing, logical infrastructure, easy configuration, predicable performance and flexibility makes it a scalable solution for larger businesses and websites which handle millions of visitors every day.

  5. Stability:

    Today over 10% of top 1 million sites are using Nginx. It is exclusively designed for heavy traffic websites with load balancing support as well as proxy support. If you are a system administration techy, Nginx is absolutely the best choice for you.