Starting back from 2009, till date we have moved 100+ WordPress sites to Nginx server for our clients. This journey has given us invaluable knowledge, thanks to the active & helping community built around Nginx. It was time we started giving back to the community!

From our experience, we have created few tutorials which we hope you will find useful. If you get stuck, feel free to use our free support forum.


WordPress-Nginx Configurations

Page-Caching\Setup Single-WordPress Multisite with Subdirectories Multisite with Subdomains
No-Cache Link Link Link
WP Super Cache Link Link Link
W3 Total Cache Link Link Link
Nginx’s fastcgi-cache Link Link Link
Nginx’s Redis-cache Link Link Link


  1. Both, multisite with subdirectory and multisite with subdomains config supports domain-mapping
  2. fastcgi-cache is recommended way but for advance users
  3. In addition to page-caching, use an object-cache and mysql-cache preferably using APC.
  4. If you are using wordpress-multisite with subdirectories in a subdirectory itself, try this config.


We will keep updating above sections as we move ahead.

You can find more tutorials at https://easyengine.io/tutorials/.

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