WordPress.com VIP Go Sites

EasyEngine v4.0.2 added support for creating WordPress VIP sites.

This feature is helpful for developing and testing WordPress VIP sites on local environment. Currently we only support VIP GO for now.

Create new VIP site

To create a site with VIP setup, run:

ee site create example.com --vip

⚠️ Note: --vip flag implies --type=wp. Hence you can use the flags of WordPress site with it. 

This command will setup VIP site from VIP GO skeleton repository and install its mu-plugins.

The VIP GO skeleton repository replaces wp-content of default WordPress installation.

Create VIP site from existing repository

If you have an existing VIP repository, on GitHub, you can pass repo URL to have your repo’s content used.

ee site create example.com [email protected]:rtcamp/my-vip-site.git

Above command also has a shorthand version where you can pass github-org-name/repo-name directly. This automatically uses SSH based URL.

ee site create example.com --vip=rtcamp/my-vip-site

This command will setup VIP site from a git repository. The site’s wp-content will be replaced by the contents of git repository instead of the VIP skeleton repo.