List of Github Repos

The main repository for EasyEngine is at easyengine/easyengine. It contains CLI framework for EasyEngine and other helpful functions and utilities that other packages or commands can use.

Command Repos

Individual commands of EasyEngine v4 have their own repository. Here is a list of them:

Repository Descripton
easyengine/site-command Used to manage sites
easyengine/cron-command Used to manage cron jobs
easyengine/shell-command Used to access a container easily for any site
easyengine/service-command Used to manage global services such as nginx reverse proxy
easyengine/mailhog-command Enable/disable mailhog on a site
easyengine/config-command Manage EasyEngine’s own config file
easyengine/admin-tools-command Enable/disable admin-tools on a site
easyengine/auth-command Mange authentication using HTTP Auth and IP whitelist

Site Types Repo

Since we plan to support a lot many site types in future – there are separate repos for each “site types”. They extend site-command and have logic to create a particular type of site:

Repository Descripton
easyengine/site-command Manages plain & simple, default HTML site type
easyengine/site-type-php Contains logic to manage PHP site
easyengine/site-type-wp Contains logic to manage WordPress site

Note: Site-command has the logic to manage default site type as it’s the default site type. When you don’t pass any type to ee site create, it creates a HTML site.

Other Repos

Here are other repos used by EasyEngine team:

Repository Descripton
easyengine/dockerfiles Contains all the Dockerfiles used in EasyEngine
easyengine/easyengine-builds Contains build artifacts of EasyEngine. Stable and nightly phars are kept here
easyengine/installer Contains the installer scripts for EasyEngine
easyengine/docs v4 Documentation in Git and Github format