Services Filesystem Structure

There are some containers in EasyEngine which are used by multiple sites. These are called services. 

Configuration, logs and other files of these services can be found at /opt/easyengine/services.

We have following services in EasyEngine as of now:

  1. Global MariaDB
  2. Global Redis
  3. Nginx Proxy
  4. Cron Scheduler

When a site is created, by default it uses Global MariaDB and Redis, if required. Site creation command allows overriding this behavior to have a site specific MariaDB and Redis containers also. 

Each of these services are explained below.

Global MariaDB

Global MariaDB uses following Host directories for different purpose:

PurposeHost Directory Path


  • You can add your custom config in files ending with .cnf extension inside the directory /opt/easyengine/services/mariadb/conf/conf.d/
  • Please do not tamper with the MariaDB data folder manually. You must use mysql command and tools such as mysqldump for any database import, export, and even backups.

Global Redis

Global Redis uses following Host directories for different purpose:

PurposeHost Directory Path

Nginx Proxy

The v4 uses Nginx in two different ways. One is a plain old way of serving a site using Nginx as a web server. The other is to route traffic to different sites using Nginx as a reverse proxy.

You can read more about nginx reverse-proxy here.

Cron Scheduler

EasyEngine is using Ofelia as a job scheduler behind the scene. Whenever you create a WordPress site and/or manipulate cron jobs using cron command, EasyEngine update Ofelia config internally.

Config for ofelia is kept at


You may like to read site filesystem structure.