List of Dockerfiles

Following is the list of Docker images that are maintained by EasyEngine team:


It is a fork of jwilder/nginx-proxy that routes request to individual site’s nginx containers. We’ve modified nginx-proxy’s go template used to generate config to support some changes that EasyEngine needed such as –

Note: SSL is terminated at nginx-proxy.


Every site will have it’s own nginx container. They will be created from this image.

Previously we used to manage our own nginx build. But in v4, we’ve decided to use openresty since it has all the nginx modules we need.


It runs PHP process and has other utilities such as WP-CLI.

The list of php modules is here.


Mariadb database container.


Redis is used for full page caching and WordPress object caching.


Postfix is used to send emails. We highly recommend you to use external email sending service such as Amazon SES on sites where emails are critical such as e-commerce sites.

For Amazon SES, you can use aws-ses-wp-mail plugin.

Postfix is not necessary and could be disabled in such case. The feature to disable postfix will be available in future EasyEngine releases.


Mailhog serves as a mailcatcher utility when you do not want your mail to go out of your server. This is desirable in dev/test environment.

If you have enabled mailhog, postfix will send emails to mailhog.


It is used to manage crons in EasyEngine. Uses ofelia to schedule crons.

Here is documentation on how to add cron.