Requesting Support

Before you look for support, please

  1. read the docs
  2. search existing topics in community forum
  3. you may try a Google search also

Finally, if you still need support from a human, you can post your question in community forum.

Community Forum

In the community forum, EasyEngine users are helping each other mostly.

EasyEngine developers scan support forum for bugs and issues which require a fix in the EasyEngine itself. If the EE team finds an issue, they will create a Github issue in relevant repo themselves. Please do not flood Github issue tracker.


We do have Slack team but the goal is to coordinate with developer team and forum moderators.

We discourage using slack for support questions.


Again, please go to the community forum. Once we verify a bug there, we will move it to Github issues. We want to keep issue tracker clean to stay productive.

Commercial Support

We have a directory of a select few EasyEngine experts who are able to provide commercial support for a reasonable fees. You can get in touch with them through EasyExperts directory.

EasyEngine’s parent company rtCamp offers fully managed hosting & support retainers for ongoing needs. You can contact them here.