EasyEngine 1.1 Release with more automation & security

Here comes first major update to easyengine since its launch more than three months ago!

Although this release took 3 months work, we hope to give regular release every month now onwards. 🙂

Added in EasyEngine 1.1

New Features

  • Handling redirects from “non-www to www” and vice-versa. (#71)
  • Automating mysql setup. Every site which needs a database gets a new mysql user and password automatically. mysql root is not used anymore for new sites. (#72)
  • Automated postfix installation. (#72)
  • Added “ee info” command (#69)
  • Secured /ee locations (#60 and https://easyengine.io/tutorials/nginx/ssl-pci-compliance-performance/)
  • SSL Session cache for nginx (#56)


  • Syntax changes which will help us add support for more software options in future. (#79). Please check updated documentation.
  • Smooth installation with friendly messages. (#78)
  • Subcommand help. Incomplete command/subcommand will show contextual help. (#5)
  • Automatically fix server_names_hash issue (#27)

Upgrade Instructions

If you have given EasyEngine 1.0 a try, please accept our thanks.

We have coded an upgrade script which can be run by following command:

/bin/bash <(curl -sL https://raw.github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/stable/usr/local/sbin/eeupdate)

If you face any problem during upgrade, please use our free support forum at https://easyengine.io/support/forum/wordpress-nginx/ . We are available to solve any upgrade issues.

For future upgrades, we have added ee update command to the suite.


This release is hard work of Mitesh Shah with a lot of support from rtCampers.

Links: EasyEngine | Documentation | Support ForumGithub Code