EasyEngine v4 Beta-6 with admin-tools, mailhog and auth

We have released EasyEngine v4 Beta-6. Finally, FINAL beta on our V4 roadmap! ?

Start Testing

You can start testing v4 on a fresh VPS. Currently, we support limited operating system that includes Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 and Debian 8. Please run following command to install beta release:

wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee4beta && sudo bash ee

You can find detailed instructions here.

⚠️We repeat, v4 is not production ready! ⚠️

What’s changed

About New Commands

Here are some more details about four important commands which together makes EasyEngine easy for you! 

  • admin-tools bring PhpMyAdmin, Redis Web UI, PHP OpCache Viewer among other tools to every site. These are carried over from EasyEngine v3. 
  • mailhog command is a new v4 only feature. Mailhog makes it possible to intercept outgoing email from an application and view them in a web interface. This comes handy during development. You can read more about mailhog here.
  • auth command is pumped in v4. Unlike v3, where a single HTTP user was present all over, v4 allows managing access per-site as well as globally using any number of HTTP users and passwords. A step further, you can use the auth command to manage whitelist IP also either per site and/or globally.
  • service command is an interface to shared MySQL or redis server. v4 will have an option to use MySQL/redis container per-site or shared across the server. The default is shared MySQL or redis server on Linux and per-site containers on Mac.

Last Mile Roadmap

With this final beta release, we are now in feature freeze mode. There are some bugs to fix, a bit of refactoring – mostly to get EasyEngine v4 working on MacOS out of the box! ?

With those fixes, we will have our first release candidate ready. Hopefully next week! ?

After that, we will start internal rollout. Our Rollout plan is here! ?

We are anticipating some quirks and bugs during rollout. Which should mean two more release candidates. Together they will stretch final v4 release to somewhat October first half. ?

You can help us testing early and reporting any issues you find! ?️‍♂️

Links: v4.0.0-beta.6 release | Github project progress board

12 responses to “EasyEngine v4 Beta-6 with admin-tools, mailhog and auth”

  1. That’s great news! I just can’t wait to run v4. EasyEngine is indeed a fantastic tool, thanks to all you guys who make it a reality!

  2. Hi. I installed v4 and it seems to be running great so far (no cache installed) Just using Cache Enabler and Autoptimize. I have a server resources plugin that is reporting that total memory available on the system is only 256MB, when I have a 1GB DO droplet. Is this hard coded somewhere, and – if it is – how do I change it? Thanks

  3. Please disregard. It’s a problem with the server resources plugin, I think. Just an update, but seems that version 3.8 is a little faster with just a plain WP install without redis.