The Easy Part!

wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee # install easyengine sudo ee site create example.com --wp # install wordpress on example.com

The Not-so-easy Part

Creating a high traffic site, big enough to crash Nginx! 😉


Complete Setup

Install NGINX, MySQL, Postfix, PHP 7 and dependencies with a single command

Easy SSL with Let’s Encrypt

Enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) during or after site creation with a simple flag --letsencrypt

Caching Options

Use W3Total Cache, WP Super Cache & Nginx’s FastCGI Cache.

Config Optimization

Automatically tweaks server configuration as per available hardware resources

Automatic Updates

Update EasyEngine for new feature with one simple command: ee update

Git-Backed Changes

All config changes are saved using Git so feel free to play with config!

Create “15” Types of WordPress Sites!

Single Site Multisite w/ Subdir Multisite w/ Subdomain
NO Cache --wp --wpsubdir --wpsubdomain
WP Super Cache --wpsc --wpsubdir --wpsc --wpsubdomain --wpsc
W3 Total Cache --w3tc --wpsubdir --w3tc --wpsubdomain --w3tc
Nginx cache --wpfc --wpsubdir --wpfc --wpsubdomain --wpfc
Redis cache --wpredis --wpsubdir --wpredis --wpsubdomain --wpredis

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EasyEngine at Conferences

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What people are saying about EasyEngine

Loving the combination of a @linode server and @rtCamp EasyEngine – makes @WordPress installation a breeze 🙂 — Simon Pollard (@smp303) March 10, 2015
@easyengine makes provisioning VPS with #WordPress in #nginx a breeze! — Marlon Amancio (@marlonlamancio) July 5, 2015
@easyengine changed everything! Setting up #nginx is no longer daunting. Love it! — danfascia (@danfascia) October 2, 2014
@tommcfarlin @digitalocean I have some DO’s powered by @rtCamp EasyEngine. Check it out, happy to help. — Matt Medeiros (@mattmedeiros) December 29, 2015