“WordPress + NGINX Best Practices with EasyEngine” Free Online Webinar!

easyengineOur product EasyEngine will feature at the Nginx Conference in San Francisco on October 20-22, 2014 (read post). While it is obviously not possible for everyone to attend nginx.conf has arranged for a webinar on “WordPress + NGINX Best Practices with EasyEngine”.

It will be presented by our very own Rahul Bansal (read his post).

Join this webinar today (October 2) at 10:00 PM (IST) to learn how, whether for speed, security or scalability, a WordPress site can be improved using NGINX, for example:

  • Fastcgi_cache can be used for caching dynamically generated pages. If configured correctly, visitors can read articles, even if the php/mysql backend has crashed.
  • Memcache module – if WordPress site is spread across multiple servers, memcache can be used instead of fastcgi_cache, so multiple servers can have a shared cache.
  • Load balancer – when used across multiple servers, NGINX can be used as a conventional load balancer optionally with proxy_cache.
  • Upstream and hhvm – as hhvm sometimes breaks with some plugins, NGINX upstream block can pass requests to HHVM first and if hhvm crashes, can send requests to php-fpm.

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