Upgrading to Nginx 1.6 on Ubuntu

Recently, we built our first launchpad repo, as nginx repo we were relying on, wasn’t updated from long time.

Within a day after building nginx repo, nginx 1.6 stable version was released. Since we are maintaining our own repo now, we have upgraded launchpad repo immediately and now you can use custom built nginx 1.6 as needed for some of our wordpress-nginx tutorials.

Upgrading to Nginx 1.6

For EasyEngine Users

Simply run ee update command on your server and you will be on latest Nginx 1.6.

For WordPress-Nginx Tutorials Users

Simply run following commands on server:

add-apt-repository -y ppa:rtcamp/nginx
apt-get update
apt-get install nginx-custom


Run nginx -v to check nginx version.

If you face any issue, please use our support forum.

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