EasyEngine v4.0.7-4.0.9 Released

Hello there! 👋

We have released three minor updates for EasyEngine – 4.0.7, 4.0.8 and 4.0.9.

Features Added 🛠️

CloudFlare Integration 🌥️

If your site is on CloudFlare, you don’t have to manually add TXT records in DNS anymore, while creating the site with SSL. EasyEngine will add the TXT records for you and even clean them once they’re no longer needed.

To enable CloudFlare integration, you need to provide CloudFlare account email and its API key in the EasyEngine config using the commands below.

ee config set le-mail [email protected]
ee config set cloudflare-api-key <cf-api-key>

For the time being, EasyEngine requires the Let’s Encrypt email to be the same as the Cloudflare email. Therefore, you will need to pass the Cloudflare email value to the le-mail config key.

⚠️ Note: The site needs to be added into your CloudFlare account for this feature to work. The sites must be using CloudFlare DNS, other CloudFlare services are optional.

Near Zero Downtime Updates 😍👌

We’ve also upgraded our updating process to ensure that you face as little downtime as possible, while updating EasyEngine.

The main reason behind the downtime was that when you updated EasyEngine, we are required to update your running containers. Therefore, we used to stop those containers and then start new ones. In some cases, like for MySQL container, it sometime took longer to restart.

Our solution for this, before stopping the old container:

  1. Start a temporary container which is a replica of the old container.
  2. Stop the old container and start the new container.
  3. Once the new container is up, remove the temporary container.

This allows us to minimize the downtime and deliver near zero downtime updates.

Notable Bugfixes🐛🚫

  • ee site publish to ee site sharesite share gives a more appropriate description of the feature and its function than site publish, we renamed the command.
  • Disable TTY allocation in shell command when not needed – It was impossible to run ee shell on SSH, in environments where TTY allocation was not possible. i.e. CI/CD environments. So we disabled allocating TTY when --command flag is passed. Hence, you can now run ee shell example.com --command='<cmd>' from CI/CD environments.
  • Fixed the multisite login issue on sub sites – We faced a bug where we couldn’t log in from sub sites in MU, in cases where the sub site was not a subdomain of the main site

For a more detailed breakdown, have a look at our release notes on GitHub:

2 responses to “EasyEngine v4.0.7-4.0.9 Released”

  1. Hi, I tried updating from v4.0.6 but I’m getting the following error.

    Error: The downloaded PHAR is broken, try running ee cli update again.

    Of course, when I try to update again I get the same error.