EasyEngine 2.2 released with new commands and percona mysql 5.6

Today, we are excited to announce the release of version 2.2 of EasyEngine.

In this release many new commands have been introduced and some commands are updated to fulfil some feature requests. As always goal of each EasyEngine release is to make your life easier! 🙂

New Features

Easier Installation

Most important feature of this new version is – we have reduced 3-commands setup to 2-commands.

Now you don’t have to use “ee stack install” command.

Just install EasyEngine and let it know what kind of site you want to setup. EasyEngine will automatically figure out required stack dependency and if any package is missing, EasyEngine will install missing packages automatically.

EasyEngine currently supports PHP-based sites only but soon we will be supporting node.js based Ghost blogging platform and then rail-based apps like Discourse and GitLab.

Update Cache, Password, Site type, etc

We have added a new ee site update sub-command to allow:

  1. changing site type e.g. php to WordPress, WordPress single-site to multisite
  2. (WordPress only) changing caching mechanism e.g w3 total cache to nginx’s fastcgi-cache.
  3. (WordPress only) updating site password. Refer this discussion for more details.

For WordPress sites, we always recommended --wpfc i.e. Nginx’s fastcgi-cache option. Now you can switch to this by running just a single command.

Clean cache command

Only way to delete nginx’s fastcgi-cache is to run rm -rf /path/on/cache command. If every time you rm -rf, and feel anxiety, then ee clean command is for you.

Depending on parameters, it cleans NGINX FastCGI cache, Opcacache and/or Memcache.

MySQL 5.6 Support

New servers will now get Percona MySQL 5.6 by default. If you are already using EasyEngine, here is a short tutorial you can follow to upgrade to Percona MySQL 5.6.

As database is a critical component and upgrading it often results in downtime, we haven’t added mysql 5.5 to percona mysql 5.6 upgrade to EasyEngine core update script. You can refer to the tutorial and plan update at your convenience.

Other commands

Other fixes/enhancements

Upgrading to EasyEngine 2.2

To update the EasyEngine, please add following alias in your ~/.bashrc

alias eeupdate="wget -qO eeup http://rt.cx/eeup && sudo bash eeup"

Now Update EasyEngine using command:


If you run into any issue, please catch us on our easyengine support forum.

Links: EasyEngine Homepage | EasyEngine Github Repo | EasyEngine Docs

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