EasyEngine Completes One Year


Today EasyEngine completes one year (link to first release post). For the uninitiated, EasyEngine is a collection of shell scripts that provides easy automation for the web-server installation, site creation, services debugging & monitoring.

A couple of years ago, we started experimenting on Nginx with WordPress sites. We put together a few tutorials which were initially like internal knowledge base articles for us (WordPress – Nginx Tutorials here).

More than a year ago, we had developed EasyEngine – a command line tool developed in bash (shell) scripting language. It was initially a tool we used for ourselves but soon we open-sourced it with GPL license on Github.

Today this release completes one full year. It has been starred over 300 times on Github, has 24 releases and over 1200 commits. We also have 14 contributors to EasyEngine. Over 2000  live websites are also currently using EasyEngine. We want to take this opportunity to say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone.

EasyEngine’s second year is also off to a flying start as it will feature at a speaker session by Rahul Bansal at the NGINX Conference (nginx.conf) in San Francisco.

Here’s hoping for a even more awesome second year!

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