EasyEngine v4.5.5 Released

Hey folks, we are back with a new release of EasyEngine. This is a minor maintenance release, which addresses a few bug fixes and has a feature enhancement as well!

Feature Enhancements 🛠️

Server Wide Environment Type Support

This env support was inspired by wp_get_environment_type and supports the same possible values.

This feature was initially released in v4.5.3, but it had very limited functionality. From this release onwards it is taking more actions based on the set env.

If a value is set up for a server-wide environment, then it will:

  1. Setup the WP Config variable WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE on site creation with the set value in ee config.
  2. If the environment is set to ‘local’, ‘development’, or ‘staging’, then on site create and clone, mailhog will be enabled by default.

To register the server-wide environment, you need to run the following command:

ee config set env <environment>

Where possible values for <environment> are ‘local’, ‘development’, ‘staging’, and ‘production’. If not set, it defaults to ‘production’. 

Bugfixes 🐛🚫

We have fixed a few issues in the codebase that were not reported in the PHP Compatibility test for running EasyEngine CLI in PHP 8.0 environment.

Links: Release | Documentation | Github