EasyEngine 2.1 Makes Mail Server Setup “Easy”

Today, we are excited to announce the release of EasyEngine 2.1

The highlight of this release is long awaited Mail Server Setup which adds another automation for hasty installation and configuration of mail server.

Along with it, some more features are added and issues are fixed.

Mail Server Setup

To set up the mail server, use the following command:

ee stack install --mail

Along with this feature, support for pt-query-advisor is also added in this release.

Bugs Fixed


To update the EasyEngine, please set following line in your ~/.bashrc

alias eeupdate="wget -qO eeup http://rt.cx/eeup && sudo bash eeup"

Let’s source the ~/.bashrc

source ~/.bashrc

Now Update EasyEngine using command:


If you run into any issue, please catch us on our easyengine support forum.

Links: EasyEngine Homepage | EasyEngine Github Repo | Wiki

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