EasyEngine 2.0 “Refactor” Release

Here comes very much awaited and major update of EasyEngine after “Doctor” release (v1.3)

This release comes with complete refactoring of the code keeping developers in mind.

Refactoring Benefits

In the previous stable release, main EasyEngine source codes were present in a single file with more than 3000 lines!

One major goal of the new release is to divide code into modules and commands scattered over different files.

So now the complete code is divided into multiple functions and files. It is easy to reuse and understand.

New ee secure command

By using ee secure command we can easily change the HTTP authentication. EasyEngine admin port can be changed and the list of corresponding IP addresses can be whitlisted.

You can change them one by one or at a time. It adds more security to the setup. Find more info here.

Renaming ee system

Earlier it used to be

ee system restart

which was a bit confusing, if it would restart the whole system or only packages.

So now, it is deprecated with

ee stack restart

Upgrading to EasyEngine 2.0

To update the EasyEngine, please add following alias in your ~/.bashrc

alias eeupdate="wget -qO eeup http://rt.cx/eeup && sudo bash eeup"

Now Update EasyEngine using command:


Other stuff

EasyEngine now has more than 1000 commits with total of 13 contributors which include 3 full time developers Mitesh, Gaurav and Harshad. Also, RenzoF has contributed to the latest release. Our next milestone is the mail server release, which includes email migration tools installation.

If you run into any issue, please catch us on our easyengine support forum.

Links: EasyEngine Homepage | EasyEngine Github Repo