Premium Support to be discontinued

With EasyEngine, we started Premium Support – a monthly service where EasyEngine team gave some support to other server admins. Typically this support offering was more of a helping hand to server admins. We also have our fully managed hosting plan, that also works on a monthly basis and covers more areas.

Over the past couple of weeks the EasyEngine team has been working on fine tuning our offering for support. To use resources and our development team’s time better, we have decided to currently discontinue Monthly Premium Support for EasyEngine.

If you are currently subscribed to “Premium Support” for EasyEngine, it will continue for the full month that you have paid for. But going further, we are removing Premium Support option.

Our premier offering now will remain “Managed Hosting“.

Managed Hosting

We are offering our customers “Fully Managed Hosting” with EasyEngine. The pricing for this will start from USD $499 onwards.

We provide managed hosting with SLA’s (service level agreement) and AMC (annual maintenance contract) to enterprise clients.

Our service includes the following:

  • Server OS and software upgrades (includes Nginx, Mysql, PHP, Postfix and others)
  • Tweaking server configuration for better site performance
  • Configuration of Origin-Pull CDN to optimise static contents on site
  • WordPress and theme/plugin upgrades
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly rotating backups
  • Uptime Reports using Pingdom and StatusCake
  • Load-balancer setup (optional)
  • Geo-location optimised hosting (optional)

Additionally also look up entire list of service offerings with EasyEngine.

Link: Managed Hosting | EasyEngine – Services