EasyEngine gets a new home, slack team and more

Today, we are thrilled to show you a new home for the EasyEngine Project. Over the last few months we have been busily drawing up new plans which have clarity not just for us but for our users too. One thing that started making sense over time was to create a dedicated website for EasyEngine.

Without a doubt, EasyEngine is rtCamp’s most innovative project and one with very large user base.

At the time of writing this, more than 10,000 active sites are being managed via EasyEngine as per builtwith. This is a good number considering EasyEngine’s mention can be removed from HTTP response headers.

As EasyEngine continues to grow, we faced many technical and non-technical challenges. We feel that by giving EasyEngine it’s own space, in terms of this new site as well as a team inside rtCamp, growing EasyEngine will be easy.

Those who know me personally, already know EasyEngine is close to my heart. Many times I wanted to reach to reach out to EasyEngine users for feedback and discussions about the project’s future. Within rtCamp.com it was tough. But I plan to talk to you more often. That is why we now have a dedicated Slack team for EasyEngine.


To cut a long story short, below are exact changes we have done today.

  1. https://easyengine.io/easyengine/ redirects to new site https://easyengine.io/
  2. http://docs.rtcamp.com/easyengine/ redirects to https://easyengine.io/docs
  3. New Github Org. https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine redirects to https://github.com/easyengine/easyengine
  4. New slack team. Please do not use slack for support.
  5. New mailing list. Old subscribers from rtcamp.com have already been moved.
  6. Social media profiles – Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn

EasyEngine’s Future Roadmap

Soon we will have multiple projects under EasyEngine umbrella. The current command-line you like will be referred as ee-cli.

There will be ee-api project, where EasyEngine commands can be executed over HTTP using REST API. This will be separate project so fret not about security.

Then there will be a web version, ee-web project. We have a very different plan for this, so it will be delivered in SaaS mode.

The approximate roadmap is here.

Let’s Catch Up

I will be attending WordCamp US. So if you are also attending, let’s catchup.

We have many plans for the EasyEngine Project. Your feedback and suggestions will help us a lot.

Even if you are not coming to WordCamp US, we can catch  up on EasyEngine’s slack team. Please invite yourself.