Introducing EasyExperts Program

Over the years as the EasyEngine project has grown, the community around it has also grown. Currently, EasyEngine is used by over 27,000 websites historically and over 15,000 live websites (see stats on BuiltWith).

This website itself gets 200k pageviews and almost 130k unique visitors every month. This is excluding forum traffic which is still tracked under rtCamp’s Google Analytics account!

As the EasyEngine user-base is growing, the volume of leads we get are also increasing. This sounds like a great thing but here are some problems!

  1. EasyEngine was started as a side project by rtCamp. rtCamp’s key business is still enterprise WordPress consultancy. So most leads generated here do not qualify in rtCamp’s pre-sales assessment.
  2. To counter this and test EasyEngine’s direct revenue potential, we started a premium support service. This option did not work out and we closed premium support option 2 months ago.

Since we closed premium support, we had to turn down even more leads. This is a bigger problem now as there are many more people using EasyEngine compared to a year ago! So to solve this, we are launching EasyExperts program.

EasyExperts Program

This morning, we received an enquiry from Manish Chauhan, one of our old EasyEngine premium support client. When they came to know that we are not offering premium support anymore, they asked for references. Manish even posted his recent problem in forum but did not get the kind of help he needed.

While I personally saw many EasyEngine user’s helping others on community forum, I have no idea what they do professionally. So I wanted to build an EasyEngine experts directory since a long time.

When I talked about this idea to Manish, he also liked the idea so without wasting time, we are launching EasyExperts directory right away!


As this is a new thing, we are keeping directory listing free. We have no plans to have paid listing currently.


We will verify your experience using EasyEngine. The application form has fields that should be sufficient for us to review. If more details required, we will get back to you.  🙂


As this is new thing, we haven’t decided exact means of promotion. But currently we are planning to have direct link to your website so potential clients can directly reach you. We have no intention to act as middleman or take commissions. We simply want to create a healthy community.

Going ahead we will promote EasyEngine experts in many ways. Few things we have on our minds is a dedicated slack channel, sub-forum as a job-board, and may be even a mailing list. We might highlight a really good expert in a newsletter/blog post.

If you have any suggestions about any aspect of this new program or have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

Link: EasyExperts Program