Supported distributions

  • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04 and 16.04
  • Debian 7 and 8

Port requirements

  • 22/TCP (Inbound/Outbound) : Standard SSH port
  • 80/TCP (Inbound/Outbound) : Standard HTTP port
  • 443/TCP(Inbound/Outbound) : Standard HTTPS port
  • 11371/TCP (Outbound) : To connect to GPG Key Server

Setup a VPS/Server Instance

Launch/deploy/create your server instance with your hosting provider. Follow these guide or skip to Quick Setup If you are already done.

Quick Setup

Here are the quick commands to setup EasyEngine on your server and making your site live

  • First command installs EasyEngine on your server.
  • Second command installs necessary stack and creates Single WordPress Site with domain
# install easyengine
wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee 

# install wordpress on
sudo ee site create --wp 

Just paste following commands in your shell

To view your site in browser just point your domain to server.