Introducing Ingo Baab our first EasyExpert

ingo-baab-easyengine-expertSome time ago, we introduced our Easy Experts program. Easy Experts is our directory of experts Easy Engine users, who can be hired for various EasyEngine tasks and projects.

The directory is a free listing and today we are announcing our first Easy Expert, Ingo Baab from Germany.

You can view Ingo Baab’s EasyExpert profile here.

We asked Ingo a few questions to get some background on his EasyEngine journey.

Q. Tell us a bit about your background in hosting / server management?

I am an “old guy” in hosting bussiness. I started in 1995 as a software-engineer at 1&1 and I was number 4 there. It was a cool time and worked on the first versions of the e-shop-solution. Nowadays my speciality is in consulting for WordPress-Projects and still manage technicalities around hosting.

Q. Where are you based out of? Do you have a collaborative team? Can you share something about your team?

I come from Germany and work there with two collegues. I can describe us as hardware gurus and software developers. Our three member team co-operates very well because each of us have our own strengths. Also we all love to work with such a small team.

Q. How did you discover EasyEngine?

I have used NGINX for a long time before it was mainstream and previously I managed my own webhosting – stack for our customers. But then I found the use of EasyEngine very cool, transparent and predictable.

To be honest I developed many things that are in EasyEngine today on my own, but I found EasyEngine more complete in many ways. So finally I switched completely to EasyEngine for our production web-hosting, and I have no regrets.

Q. What do you use EasyEngine mainly for?

We use EasyEngine for customer webhosting, staging and development. We currently are developing an environment using Ubuntu’s Linux-Container-Technologie (with ZFS as filesystem) to give our “shared hosting” some kind of “isolation” with these Container-Technologie.

We are also working on a Web-Panel to manage this kind of setup, currently only for internal use, but who knows about the future.

Q. Why would you recommend using EasyEngine

Because it’s easy to use and does not do any magic things in background and because you guys really rock, the community around it is great. Also if bugs are found they are fixed within some days. I highly recommend EasyEngine for beginners and for advanced system admins. Just try it!

Links: Ingo Baab’s Profile | EasyExperts Program