EasyEngine v4.1.1-v4.1.2 Released

Feature added:
Add Alias Domain Support in HTML, PHP and WP Site Types
Alias domains now work on all site types 🎉

Hello folks 👋, this time around, we have two new releases.

Feature Enhancements 🛠️

Add Alias Domain Support in HTML, PHP and WP Site Types

In v4.1.0, alias domain feature was released, but it was restricted to just WordPress subdom sites. Now that feature has been extended to all the site types including HTML, PHP, and WP(non-mu and subdir) sites as well.

Optimizations 👷‍♂️️🔧️

Sysctl parameters – In all our containers, we’ve tweaked Sysctl parameters. This should improve performance in high load scenarios.
Nginx Optimizations – We have updated worker_connections in our nginx-proxy. This will allow nginx to have more connections per worker and hence improve performance in high load scenarios.


Following components of our stack have been updated:

Nginx proxy1.14.1 -> 1.17.6
Nginx (Openresty) ->
Redis5.0 -> 6.0.6

Bugfixes 🐛🚫

Clear Proxy Cache on Post Delete

There was a bug in nginx proxy cache (added in v4.1.0) which was not updating cache when posts were deleted. As a result, even after the post was deleted, nginx proxy used to serve its contents from the cache. 

Other Minor Bugfixes:

  • Add health-check block for AWS ELB – Add support for AWS ELB health-check in nginx-proxy.
  • PHP update to latest version – Fix update PHP to the latest version not working using ee site update command.
  • Site clean with proxy cache – Fix cache clearing of obj+page when only proxy flag is passed.
  • DB name with a hyphen – Fix site not getting created when a custom database name is being used which has a hyphen.
  • Delete auth whitelist – Fix deleting an auth whitelist entry.
  • NewRelic update – Fix folder permission for proper NewRelic update.

Release Link: v4.1.1 | v4.1.2