EasyEngine v4.1.0 Release

We’re glad to announce the release of EasyEngine v4.1.0 🎉 This version has updated Nginx, MariaDB, PHP versions, and added support for enabling proxy cache. It also comes with the much-awaited feature of adding alias domains to WordPress subdomain Multi-Sites. 🤩

Features Added 🛠️

Support for Alias Domains 👨‍💻

EasyEngine now supports alias domains along with all the other site creation features like LetsEncrypt SSL certificates, caching, etc. Also, an update command to add/delete alias domains as per needs, has been added

Please Note: This feature is currently available only for WordPress subdomain multisite.

Add alias domains in site creation:

ee site create example.com --type=wp --mu=subdom --alias-domains='a.com,*.a.com,b.com' --ssl=le

Update alias domains in a site:

ee site update example.com --add-alias-domains='c.com,d.com' --delete-alias-domains='b.com'

Do not forget to add SSL renewal cronjob for proper certificate renewals, if you have not added already.

Nginx Proxy Cache 🏎️

Nginx Proxy container will now be able to cache. This will be highly significant on high traffic sites. A detailed handbook post about the internals can be found here.

Enable proxy cache with default settings on site creation:

ee site create example.com --type=wp --cache --proxy-cache=on

Enable proxy cache on a site:

ee site update example.com --proxy-cache=on

Disable proxy cache on a site:

ee site update example.com --proxy-cache=off

More Updates 🚀

  • Nginx – Nginx OpenResty version updated from to
  • PHP – The existing PHP images have been updated to their latest available versions and additional extensions like pdo_mysql, intl that are needed for the smooth functioning of PHP site type along with a few WordPress plugins, have been added.
  • MariaDB – MariaDB has been updated from version: 10.2.19 to 10.5.4.
  • Strong Password – A strong password check has been enforced on user input password via --admin-pass parameter.
  • Nginx config test before site restart – On running ee site restart, Nginx container will be restarted only if the Nginx config test passes.

Update to the latest version

Fire the EasyEngine update command to update to the latest version

ee cli update

Note: Please make sure to take a backup of sites before version updates. Also it is recommended to run EasyEngine updates in either screen or tmux to ensure that the update process runs uninterrupted.

Release Link: v4.1.0

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    • EasyEngine v4 is docker based. It will ideally support any distro that supports docker. Have not checked with latest debian 10 – buster. But it should smoothly work with it. In case it does not, please report it here.