EasyEngine v4.0.16 and v4.0.17 Released

Hey everyone! 👋 We have released two new versions of EasyEngine – v4.0.16 and v4.0.17 which comes with some minor updates and fixes.

Features Added 🛠️

We have added a feature of cleaning up of old EasyEngine docker images once it has been updated. We have also added bcmath PHP module to all PHP 7 images.

Other than this we have added a refresh parameter in ee site enable. This will regenerate the docker-compose.yml of a site and force re-enable it. This feature will help in scenarios when the site’s docker-compose.yml has been manually updated or for some reason is changed. This feature will prevent the site from breaking and will take you back to the original EasyEngine site with the default EasyEngine docker-compose.yml 🎉

Notable Bugfixes 🐛🚫

Fix ssl-renewal batch job

In our previous release – v4.0.15, we found some bugs with the batch ssl-renewal which may bring up some issues post-ssl-renewal. This has been fixed in the latest version v4.0.17.

Please Note: In case you’re using v4.0.15 or v4.0.16, please update it to the latest released version v4.0.17 to avoid any issues in ssl renewals and site functionality.

Release Link: v4.0.16 | v4.0.17