EasyEngine 3.0 in Python is released!

A few months ago we announced EasyEngine’s roadmap for 2015. The big change was to refactor EasyEngine into Python for version 3.0.

Today we are happy to announce that we have released EasyEngine 3.0. We have moved all the existing functionality to Python.

EasyEngine is now written in Python using Cement – a command-line application framework. Cement provides modular architecture. All EasyEngine’s core commands have been implemented as plugins. You can also create your own EasyEngine plugin.

What changes with EasyEngine 3.0?

EE v3.0 doesn’t bring any new features but reimplements all existing features on python.

For end user this may not matter, but for developers, EE v3.0 has:

There are few more changes. We hope all this will save plenty of time going ahead. So we expect to release faster and release sooner.

MIT License

A big change is that EasyEngine is now has MIT license.

Since EasyEngine v3.0 is refactored from ground up, we could change license easily and some users and businesses requested us to go with something like MIT or Apache.

Based on all feedback, we have made EasyEngine v3 MIT.

Upgrading to EE 3.0

Upgrading is as easy as before, but backing up your servers/sites is highly recommended.

wget -q http://rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee

We hope to move to python pip in the near future but currently we are facing some issues with pip related to different python versions.


EasyEngine is moved to python by Gaurav, Harshad, Shital and Mitesh.

EasyEninge v3 wouldn’t have been possible without Cement framework. We thank Dierkes for creating Cement and also helping EasyEngine team during our bash-to-python migration. 🙂

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