EasyEngine 3.3.15 Released with Fix for WordPress 4.4 Compatibility

Today WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” has been released. If the existing EasyEngine users have not updated their WP-CLI version, they will be facing issues creating new websites.

Realizing this issue, we have released EasyEngine 3.3.15. The earlier versions of EasyEngine are not compatible to upgrade to WP-CLI version 0.21.1.

However, it is essential to have the latest version of WP-CLI for WordPress 4.4.

Hence, we have extended the compatibility of EasyEngine to work with latest WP-CLI version. Additionally, the latest version of EasyEngine will enable users to automatically migrate to latest version of WP-CLI.


  • Updated to WP-CLI version 0.21.1 which is compatible with WordPress 4.4

Upgrading To EasyEngine 3.3.15

  • Existing users can simply run ee update to upgrade EasyEngine and WP-CLI to the latest version

If you run into any issue, please catch us on our EasyEngine community support forum.

Links: EasyEngine Home | Github Repo | EasyEngine Premium Support