Global Filesystem Structure

Top Level Directory

All files created by EasyEngine are stored:





All config, files, data, logs created by EasyEngine are stored within these folders only.

Sub Folders

Under top-level Easyengine directory, there are following folders for different purpose.


EasyEngine stores all sites data in /opt/easyengine/sites.

Everything related to a site such as it’s source code, database, configuration, and logs are stored in /opt/easyengine/sites/

Please check the documentation on a site’s filesystem structure to know more about individual site’s files.


There are some containers in EasyEngine which are used by multiple sites. These are called services. 

Configuration, logs and other files of these services can be found at /opt/easyengine/services.

Please check the documentation on service filesystem structure to know more about individual service.

Admin Tools

Admin tools of EasyEngine are mostly PHP based and kept at /opt/easyengine/admin-tools. This directory is created and admin tools are downloaded when you enable admin-tools on a site for first time.

When you enable admin-tools on a site, this directory, /opt/easyengine/admin-tools, gets mounted in htdocs/ee-admin in the container.

You can read more about admin-tools here.

EasyEngine Database

EasyEngine uses an sqlite database to store data related to sites, cron jobs, options and few more things.

The database is located at /opt/easyengine/db/ee.sqlite