EasyEngine PHP7 Document

EasyEngine v3.5.0  and future versions now supports PHP7.  Support for PHP7 has been added in EasyEngine for the Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) version only. Hence following commands will work only on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty).

Note that while updating EasyEngine v3.5.0 you will get PHP version 5.6 as a default PHP stack. You can run your site on PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0 as described in below commands.

For existing EasyEngine Users please use following command to upgrade your EasyEngine for this feature.

ee update

Install PHP7 stack

You can use following command for installing php7 stack on your server.

ee stack install --php7

Create Site 

You can create site with following command and it will install PHP7 stack runtime.

ee site create example.com --wp --php7

Switch PHP version on your site

To update existing site to PHP7 use following command

ee site update example.com --php7

To revert your site from php7 stack use following command:

ee site update example.com --php7=off

Get Information about your site

Following command shows PHP version you are using on your site.

ee site info example.com


root@test:~# ee site info example.com
Information about example.com:

Nginx configuration     wp wpredis (enabled) 
PHP Version             7.0
Pagespeed               disabled
HHVM                    disabled
SSL                     disabled


Get PHP7 Stack Information :

ee info --php7

Operating PHP7 Service

Use following commands to operate PHP7 service.

ee stack [start|stop|reload|restart|status] --php7

Remove/Purge PHP7 Stack

To Remove PHP7 Stack use following command.

ee stack [remove|purge] --php7