Meet WordOps – an EasyEngine v3 fork

It has been less than two weeks since we released EasyEngine v4 – a complete rewrite not in terms of programming language but also internal architecture. You may read v3 to v4 differences here in details

We took more than two years to deliver v4 since we first talked about it. We published many updates during our v4 journey. One of most controversial of them was our decision to move to Docker. It raised many eyebrows forcing us to test & tweak things way too many times that added months of delay.

Looking back at reactions in the last two weeks, I can safely say, we underestimated Docker like most skeptics on the fence! It’s running a lot smoother & better than anticipated. But hey this article is for the one who already decided to stay with v3! So let’s cut the chase! ✂️

Say hello to WordOps 👋

WordOps Team

I met Michel Kusters at WordCamp Europe earlier this year. He along with Jeroen Janssen have been working together on an EasyEngine v3 fork called WordOps from some time. 

The good news is that, WordOps has launched formally yesterday! 🎉

WordOps provides an option to start from scratch but also has a migration script to migrate from EasyEngine v3 to WordOps. 

Although, I haven’t tested WordOps myself, I would recommend using a EasyEngine v3 fork rather than staying with EasyEngine v3 which is already in limited support phase as of now and will receive no support after Jan 31, 2019.

Likewise, v3 and v4, WordOps also has an MIT license. So it should be good to go ahead on licensing front.

This is the beauty of our open source ecosystem. We have a choice. We have the freedom! 🤗

Want to fork yourself?

In case you want to start your own fork, you can pick up from v3 master branch on Github. But I would highly recommend joining WordOps folks any day over starting a new fork.

Trust me, it takes way too much energy to build & maintain a server automation script like EasyEngine. If it would have been easy, we would have been happy to support v3 for a long time.

Please work together! 🤝

Link: WordOps

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  1. It’s very nice to see rtCamp openly support other OSS projects. If anyone is interested, we’ve officially launched SlickStack as well, which was partially inspired by EasyEngine:

    The approach is a bit different from WordOps, because SlickStack includes several MU plugins for WordPress that aim to optimize technical SEO and loading speed.

    TLDR = SlickStack is for developers who enjoy a more controlled environment. Cheers!