Nginx Helper v1.9.8 Plugin Maintenance Release

Some of the fixes in Nginx Helper v1.9.8 Plugin includes

One Nginx Helper Log file for WordPress Multisite:

Nginx helper plugin will create one log file per WordPress Multisite setup. To make it simple, all the WordPress Multisite logs will be added under one log file.

Redis page cache purge logic fix:

Now Prefix and Hostname is being used so that Purge action does not effect other site’s page cache.

Change Log

  • Multilingual homepage cache cleared with WordPress Multisite plugin #116
  • Fix – Purge Cache clears the whole Redis cache #113
  • Single site Redis cache purge when click on Purge Cache button under WordPress Multisite #122
  • Fix – notices and warnings.

Contributors to this release: Niwreg, HansVanEijsden, Larssn, Chandra-patel

If you have any issues feel free to use community support.