We welcome George Gkouvousis, our 5th EasyExpert!

We are excited to announce our 5th EasyExpert, George Gkouvousis from 8web Interactive.

George is server ninja who has a passion for WordPress. He regularly travels to WordCamps around Europe.
He recently spoke about WordPress security at WordCamp Frankfurt 2016.

At 8web, George coordinates a team of three to deliver full stack WordPress services, as well as handling all EE-related tasks.

George adds to our archive of EasyExperts who you can trust with getting the most out of EasyEngine. Get to know him better from our interview below.

Tell us a bit about your background in hosting / server management. When did you realise that you are passionate about these?

I remember myself playing with Apache-related things back in the Millenium.

Things were pretty simple in building a web server, however, there were lots of issues, bugs and security holes. Year by year, things were getting better, but as a code programmer, I decided not to get involved yet.

In 2010, things changed. NGINX was released – WordPress was used by 15% of all the websites & some of our clients really grew big. These were the most important factors that led us to a challenge.

And we did it! No automations, not yet-another-hosting-provider service, no resources’ overselling. Managed WordPress hosting solutions, dedicated clusters and setups based on optimized performance. I was passionate about, and still am.

Tell us a bit more about yourself. Do you have/work with a collaborative team?

I wear many hats in 8web, but my main responsibility is to coordinate a team of three amazing guys in order to provide WordPress full stack developing services on a daily basis.

We are huge advocates of all-in-one, pizza lovers and deadlines’ crushers.

How did you discover EasyEngine?

I was always a fan of rtCamp, and suddenly realized this awesome project. Struggling for free time, EE saved my life in having a complete & stable LNMP running in seconds.

How do you use EasyEngine? What’s your favorite aspect of it?

Im mostly using it as a production environment for websites and I really love it. Its scalable, secure, coded the right way and it contains really many automation possibilities.

We know that you are passionate about WordPress. Can you tell us more about your WordPress community involvement?

Traveling a lot for business needs leaves no space for involvement into a specific area.
However, I’m trying my best in giving back to the community through meetups, WordCamp speaking sessions and organization.

My latest involvement was the speaking session ‘Hardening WordPress’ @ WordCamp Frankfurt.

What are your other tech interests? Do you have any personal projects that you are working on?

I love to study Google algorithm changes upon every update.

I’m currently working on a private project that will be able to analyze SERPs of specific websites/queries, compare them with old history and identify algorithm changes of Google search engine that affected this specific website. It will also be able to suggested changes to the source code of the website in order to boost a website’s SERPs, based on its algorithm changes data.

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