EasyEngine v4.4.0 Released

EasyEngine v4.4.0 released
EasyEngine v4.4.0 released

Heya! We’re excited to announce another major release yet again! I’m so hyped while typing this blog post because not only is this a major release, but it also ships some of the most requested features of EasyEngine v4!

This release was going to be published much sooner, but some changes like “Remove 27 Site Limit” required much work and testing. We put extra efforts to in testing it to ensure it doesn’t break existing sites, since it had some major changes.

Features Added ✨

Remove SSL from a Site

This has been the most requested feature of EasyEngine. Until now, EasyEngine had support for adding SSL to an existing site. However, it never had an option to remove SSL. This was so because we didn’t see many use-cases for removing SSL on a site, and we thought not giving the option to remove SSL would also promote secure sites. However, we realised there were legit use-cases for this. i.e. If you have a custom certificate that has expired and getting a renewed cert will take some time, you may want to disable SSL on the site instead of having users report an “insecure website” warning to you.

Here’s how you you remove SSL from a site:

ee site update example.com --ssl=off

Remove 27 Site Limit

We heard many complaints from people with big servers that EasyEngine could only create 27 sites on a server. We were aware of this limitation, but this challenge was hard to solve as the root cause was how docker handles networks internally. It took a while to get it right, but now we have a fix for it, and you can create (almost) unlimited sites on a server!

P.S. Technically speaking, the limit of creating sites has now increased to ~65,024, which is high enough that you may not hit it on a single server.

New Contributors 🐣

We would like to thank our new contributors for sending their first PRs – JayShamnani, danish17, PiyushKhurana, RussQuan.