EasyEngine v4.3.0 Released

Create new site with PHP 8.0
ee site create example.com --type=wp --php=8.0

Updates existing site to PHP 8.0
ee site update example.com --php=8.0

"site ssl" -> "site ssl-verify"
ee site ssl-verify example.com

PHP 8 On-Host

ZSH Completions Support

VIP Extensions
EasyEngine v4.3.0 Released

Hey, we have just released v4.3.0 of EasyEngine 🥳! This is a second major feature release just 15 days after v4.2.0 was released 🤯. Looks like someone is on a roll 😉.

This time we have features like:

So let’s get started 🏎️.

Features Added ✨️

PHP 8 Site Support

We have added support for PHP 8 in sites. So now you can create new sites on PHP 8, as well as update existing sites to PHP 8. We haven’t made PHP 8 default for new sites as it may break some plugins. However, it may happen in the future.

# Create new site with PHP 8.0
ee site create example.com --type=wp --php=8.0

# Updates existing site to PHP 8.0
ee site update example.com --php=8.0

PHP 8 On-Host Support

We have also added support for PHP 8 on host. Earlier EasyEngine wasn’t able to run if PHP 8 was installed on the machine where EasyEngine running, as it’s code was not compatible with it. We have now made it’s code compatible with it so now if you have PHP 8 oh host, EasyEngine will not complain and work seamlessly.

Add WP-VIP Extensions in PHP

We have installed all the extensions present in WordPress VIP Go image. So now you can rest assured that any of your VIP Go sites will run just fine on EasyEngine too. This will be really helpful for people who’re developing on any VIP Go site locally, or those who’re planning to migrate to their sites to VIP Go.

Support for ZSH Completions

We have added proper support for ZSH completions, so now typing ee <tab> will show you the following output:

ZSH completions for EasyEngine
ZSH completions for EasyEngine

To configure ZSH competions, follow our handbook on this topic.

Bugfixes 🐛

Rename ‘site ssl’ Command

While developing EasyEngine in early stages, we needed a command to verify CNAME records for wildcard SSL certificates. As we were in hurry and couldn’t get a better name, we called it site ssl.

The command site ssl wasn’t very intutive and it didn’t specify what it was doing. So to make the command more descriptive, we have renamed it to site ssl-verify.

We have still kept the old command for backward compatibility reasons, so if any of your script use it, don’t fret 🙂.

Here is an example of previous and new command:

# Old Command ⛔️
ee site ssl example.com

# New Command ✅️
ee site ssl-verify example.com

Remove Site Host Entry on Delete

There was a bug where entries of the site from /etc/hosts were not getting deleting after deleting the site. This has been fixed in this release.

Stack Updates 🔄

Following images were updated to latest version from their upstream:

Following Images had version change:

New Contributors 👨‍💻

In this release, we saw contribution from @dishitpala, which was his first ever contribution to EasyEngine 🥳.

Dishit submitted the patch for rename ‘site ssl’ command, which brought a usability change to EasyEngine’s SSL verification process.

Thank you so much Dishit for your contribution (and I hope you won’t mind the small time we took to merge your PR 🙈).

Update to the Latest Version

Fire the EasyEngine update command to update to the latest version

ee cli update

Release Link: v4.3.0