EasyEngine v4.1.3 Released

We’re releasing v4.1.3. This is a small bugfix release to primarily fix an SSL renewal bug introduced in v4.1.2.

Feature Enhancements 🛠️

Site Info JSON Format

ee site info has now ability to output in JSON format. This will be really helpful for introspecting site details.

$ ee site info easyengine.local --format=json | jq
  "id": "5",
  "site_url": "example.com",
  "site_type": "wp",
  "site_fs_path": "/opt/easyengine/sites/example.com",
  "site_container_fs_path": "/var/www/htdocs",
  "site_enabled": "1",
  "site_ssl": "",
  "site_ssl_wildcard": "0",
  "cache_nginx_browser": "0",
  "cache_nginx_fullpage": "0",
  "cache_mysql_query": "0",
  "cache_app_object": "0",
  "cache_host": "",
  "proxy_cache": "",
  "php_version": "latest",
  "db_name": "example-com",
  "db_user": "example.com-a9O6wv",
  "db_password": "y6v4yDHtdSmZ",
  "db_root_password": "",
  "db_host": "global-db",
  "db_port": "3306",
  "app_sub_type": "wp",
  "app_admin_url": "example.com",
  "app_admin_email": "[email protected]",
  "app_admin_username": "magical-brattain",
  "app_admin_password": "UuU7T3QARwK6TnZPkO",
  "app_mail": "postfix",
  "alias_domains": "example.com",
  "mailhog_enabled": "0",
  "admin_tools": "0",
  "created_on": "2020-07-31 18:05:48",
  "modified_on": "2020-07-31 12:35:48",
  "site_auth_scope": null,
  "site_auth_username": null,
  "site_auth_password": null

Bugfixes 🐛🚫

SSL Renew

ee site ssl-renew was broken in EasyEngine v4.1.2 because of some changes in that release. This bug has been fixed in this release.

Note: If you haven’t set up SSL renewal cron, you can find how to do so here.

Other Changes

SSL renew will renew certificates before 30 days from expiration

Earlier, ee site ssl-renew used to allow certificate renewals 25 days before the certificate was going to be expired. Now we’ve changed the limit to 30 days as per the guidelines from letsencrypt.