EasyEngine v3.7.5 fixed pymysql3 dependency

This morning we woke up to multiple issues being reported which were all related pymysql3 package. EasyEngine was not even installable.

The package has been deprecated a while ago but we did not take any action assuming we will release ee v4 before it gets removed from Python Package Index. We switched to PyMySQL. For discussion refer: https://github.com/EasyEngine/easyengine/issues/969.

We also updated towp-cli version to 1.4.1.

We released EasyEngine v3.7.5 today. Release link

6 responses to “EasyEngine v3.7.5 fixed pymysql3 dependency”

  1. root@bibica:~# ee update
    Downloading update script Unable to download file, /tmp/eeupdate20180331-092942

    Error when i update ee with commend “ee update”