Disabling PageSpeed

Note: This feature is depreciated with EasyEngine v3.6.0.

Sorry for delay in replying. I got many personal emails, messages on social media and also our forum has been flooded with topics about recent pagespeed update.

First let’s get to the point!

How to disable pagespeed

On every site you are using PageSpeed, just run following command to disable PageSpeed.

ee site update example.com --pagespeed=off

Additionally, you can run:

ee stack purge --pagespeed

Above will remove PageSpeed global config from Nginx.


Why Not Provide PageSpeed Update?

It will take a lot more time for us to update our Nginx build. We tried today to update our Nginx build with latest PageSpeed first.

There are also some compatibility issues between 32-bit OS and PageSpeed. So we need to do a lot more work which will probably happen on Monday. If things gets complicated, we will drop support for PageSpeed altogether.

PageSpeed is already experimental feature.  We did not find it useful ourself and haven’t used it on any sites.

For static sites – it does more harm than benefit. Here is discussion – https://github.com/EasyEngine/easyengine/issues/497.

Our Nginx-Build is open-source so if anyone like to contribute, please help us at https://github.com/EasyEngine/nginx-build. We use https://build.opensuse.org/ for package building and hosting.

I can understand you may still want to use PageSpeed but it is really hard to support something we do not use ourself. So sorry for any inconvenience it may cause:

Have Questions?

Please use comment form below for general concerns and questions. If above command fails for you, please create a topic in http://community.rtcamp.com/c/easyengine forum.

Link: Use Let’s Encrypt | Our Nginx+PageSpeed build