Migrate from cPanel-based hosting to VPS/dedicated hosting with CEM CLI

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The benefits of migrating your website from a shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated hosting are well known. Most users who wish to migrate to VPS or dedicated servers are often held back because they have too many sites to move.

If you use cPanel to mange your sites, you can now automate the whole migration process with the CEM CLI script by Ahmad Awais.

For those of you wondering, CEM is an abbreviation for “cPanel to EasyEngine Migration”.

About Ahmad Awais

Ahmad is a relatively shy full stack WordPress developer who has been tinkering with software since the good old dial-up days. He has contributed to WordPress Core several times in the past and is an avid writer and public speaker. Being a self-proclaimed “workflow-optimist”, Ahmad had the idea to create this script when he had to transfer a few of his shared hosting sites to dedicated servers.

Did we test it?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t because we currently don’t know anyone who has a cPanel managed website in our network.

However, the script is really exciting for us, which is why we decided to write this post. If you are looking to migrate a website, we recommend going ahead and giving CEM CLI a try. We would love to hear about you experience in the comments below or on Twitter.

Need Help?

Ahmad has created a video screencast documenting the entire process:

If you face any issues or would like to contribute, join CEM CLI on GitHub.

Update: [06/10/2016] CEM CLI now supports subdomain migration (as of version 1.1.0).

Links: CEM CLI on GitHub | Ahmad’s release post

4 responses to “Migrate from cPanel-based hosting to VPS/dedicated hosting with CEM CLI”

  1. Thanks for covering the CLI here, Joel! ?
    I am building several other tools for EE as well. Backup and restore CLI with staging is almost read and a few more cool things.

    P.S. I’am not shy, I’m the exact opposite ??