Admin Tools on Port 22222

Though EasyEngine is command line tool, there are plenty of web-based tools and scripts which can make server administration easy.

Till version 1.2, these tools were accessible with /ee/ URL prefix. As number of tools grew, we moved them to dedicated port 22222 for better management of growing list of admin tools and also for security

Admin Tools & Scripts

  1. /db folder: PhpMyAdminAdminer and Anemometer
  2. /php folder: info.php file with phpinfo for production php fool and webgrind for xdebug profiling analysis
  3. /fpm folder: status page for each fpm pool
  4. /cache folder: memcache, opcache and nginx-fastcgi cache viewer/cleaner

All these tools are hosted under as a PHP site at location /var/www/22222. We choose to name site itself as 22222 so it will easily standout from other sites.

You can add/remove other tools & scripts in /var/www/22222/htdocs. You can disable or even delete admin tools using ee site commands. But rest assured, they are secure as you can read below!

Port 22222 & Security

You can open port 22222 (5-times two) on any IP or site hosted on your server. It uses HTTPs with a self-signed certificate. Your browser may complain about SSL certificate but you can ignore it. Your connection to server will be still encrypted.

The username and password for 22222 port ( HTTP auth ) is given at the time of Nginx installation. You can change username and password by  ee secure --auth  command.

Refer: How to change HTTP Authentication