EasyEngine is a command line program to easily manage your WordPress websites with Nginx web server, supported on Ubuntu, Debian, Mac (since v4) and many other Linux distributions.

EasyEngine v4 Docs

On the line of WP-CLI, EasyEngine commands documentation is automatically generated at hosted at

Apart from this, we have created a handbook – that has additional information about many aspects of v4 such as:

EasyEngine v3 Docs

Following is auto generated list of all v3 docs available. We do not support v3 any more. So over the time, we will be updating these docs with their v4 counterpart. 

5 responses to “Docs”

  1. Simple question, how do I access the wordpress admin area? I have not yet mapped the URL to the ip. I am trying to access X.X.X.X/wp-login.php and all I see is the Nginx welcome page.

  2. I’ve been testing EasyEngine now for some weeks and I love it, great job!!

    – W3TC generates nginx.conf file in htdocs folder but following your tutorial I know this file is not functional according to the EE set up, so I guess page cache functionality is limited to the pre loaded configuration in available-sites/, unless I modify/update this file manually. Is it right?

    – In case I decide to switch between w3tc and fastcgi (for page cache), do I need to change / update available-sites/, or are there more config files to modify?

    – Testing fastcgi with nginx-helper plugin (timestamp enabled) with the proper installation and settings, I realize that when I create a new post the plugin doesn’t purge all of the post and pages, I have to do it manually. Just some post and pages are purged but not all.

    – Finally, in a low memory (ram) server (AWS micro instance with 613M) do you recommend using a swap file? I was doing some testing with this, but I have no clear how it works with this set up or how it could benefit performance.

    Regards and thanks a lot for the great job.