EasyEngine is a command line script that makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites powered by Nginx web server. The script is developed in PHP language and uses Docker for all its heavy lifting.

EasyEngine can run on any OS platform which has PHP & Docker support. 

EasyEngine is both – free and open source under MIT License. We do not have any commercial software version, at least as of now, but we do use it as part of our commercial services at rtCamp.

As per BuiltWith, more than 200,000 sites are using EasyEngine.

In order to support growth and future development, we are exploring different ways to monetize the project. Rest assured, commercial won’t take away existing features from EasyEngine.  


The project is developed and managed by rtCamp – an Enterprise-Grade WordPress consultancy agency based in India & the USA.

Currently, all EasyEngine core team members are rtCamp employees. Something we hope will change someday. 🤞