The Easy Part! 😎

# Install EasyEngine on Linux
wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee4 && sudo bash ee

# Install EasyEngine on Mac
brew install easyengine

# Create a site at example.com with WordPress
sudo ee site create example.com --type=wp

The Not-so-easy Part 😬

Creating a high traffic site, big enough to crash Nginx! 😉 

Features 🎩

Complete Setup 🎁

Install WordPress, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redis & deps

Let’s Encrypt 🔒

HTTPS with wildcard and auto-renewal support

For WordPress ❤️

WordPress object & full-page cache support

Easy Updates 🚀

Run ee cli update for new features & fixes

Docker 🐳

Power of Docker, without the complexity

Cron ⏰

Every WordPress site uses native cron

Developer Friendly 🤓

Mailhog 📫

Intercept email in dev env for debugging

Mac Support 🍎

Use same env locally as your production server 

Admin Tools 🛠️

PhpMyAdmin, Redis web viewer & more

Modular 📦

Easy to extend using composer packages


Every WordPress site has WP-CLI by default

Freedom 🏳️‍🌈

EasyEngine uses MIT license. More power to you!

EasyEngine at Conferences 📢

Easily Manage WordPress Sites on Nginx at WordCamp Mumbai 2014
WordPress – NGINX Best Practices with EasyEngine at nginx.conf 2014
Rafael Funchal: Configurando SSL com Let’s Encrypt, EasyEngine e WP-CLI at WordCamp Porto Alegre 2017
Debugging WordPress Performance Using EasyEngine at WordCamp Mumbai 2015

What people are saying about EasyEngine 🤗

Need help? ⛑️

Forum 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Get help from other users in a dedicated forum

Slack ☎️

Join Slack to participate in discussions